Who we are

We are specialised information risk management company with more than 14 years of experience and we are based in Geneva, Switzerland. We will support you to understand your business and technical risk inside your organisation but also outside such in your third party or cloud-based environment.

The common thread that runs throughout IRM-Advisors is our belief that information security, data compliance and information risk management should not be as complicated for businesses as it is today. We strongly believe that when the information risk management program is built with cross-functional expertise from technologists, financial strategists, and managing the operation process this enforced a sustainable success to achieve a common goals.

How we work

Our practical approach to translate complex business challenges to information security and risk has been a major advantage. This has enabled IRM-Advisor to emerge with leading organisations who want to challenge the current situation, and who have been interested in business driven improvement. Have a look to the section "Why IRM-Advisors?" where our customers testify our quality to deliver.

Our services are focused on solution sets around information risk management, and information security assessment services that are critical to our clients success in protecting their infrastructure and application environment.